Vehicle Paint Repairs

Finding a scratch on your car is an upsetting experience, especially if you didn’t put it there, and here at ColourKit we understand just how you feel. Cars are expensive to buy or lease, and you need to be able to have it fixed quickly and expertly by technicians who can mix your exact dealership colour, restoring the original and beautiful mirror finish with a totally invisible repair. That’s where we can help.

Every vehicle that arrives at our workshop is repaired and restored quickly and professionally. We understand that being without your car will make life difficult, so we deal with it fast and get it back to you in showroom condition. No fuss, no bother.

Dealership Matched Paint Colours

Whatever the age of your car, you can rest assured that we have exactly the right shade and formation of paint to restore it. Our three paint mixing machines can replicate the complete range of dealership colour swatches and finishes. Two of them are water based paints for the modern car ranges; and one is a solvent based machine, specifically for commercial and restoration projects. So we take great care to match not only the colour, but the exact type of original paint on your vehicle.

We don’t mask up sections of your valuable car and try to blend in repairs; we remove the panel, or the surrounding lights, door fittings and windows as necessary, and spray the complete panel to the exact colour, then prepare the surface to receive the final lacquer. After polishing to a high shine, we then replace the fittings and you are ready to go.

Complete Customer Care

Whether you have a scuff, scratch, dent, or chip, getting it fixed when you need it is our top priority. A friendly and dependable service is guaranteed, and with our fast repair turnaround, your husband, wife or boss will never know it happened!

All makes of cars have been taken under our wing for loving paint body repairs, from prestigious brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Range Rover, BMW and Jaguar, through to company fleet vehicles, family cars, tradesman’s vans and restoration vehicles. Our security arrangements are geared to protecting your vehicles while they are with us, and our customers are more than welcome to pop in anytime to see how they are getting on.

We have a relaxing coffee lounge area where you can sit and catch up with some emails while you wait. You can just drive up and leave it with us, or phone to book a time that suits you best. Call us on 0116 3800 900 or email us.

ColourKit was recommended to me by two separate sources. I wanted to get rid of unsightly stone chips on the whole front end of my Honda Civic Type R.

The car was promptly booked in and the work completed. I was a little nervous before seeing the car, but I shouldn’t have worried as the paintwork was like glass and the colour match was excellent.

I can’t recommend Colour Kit enough. Many thanks for your hard work.

– David Hunt

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