Vehicle Paint Protection

When you buy a new or used car from a branded dealership, you will probably be offered something called a Paint Protection System as an additional extra. This helps to protect your paintwork and shine, keeping that “new car” gleam on your driveway forever. There is no rush to make this decision because if you say yes, the dealership will take your car to a paint specialists like us in Leicester, to apply it to your car. Instead you can come to us direct, whenever you choose.

You may be surprised to know that this paint protection process has been available for almost 40 years, and used to be known as a ‘paint sealant.’ The process will coat all your paintwork with a strong plastic shell that is impervious to light scratches and most harmful chemicals.

Supagard and Diamondbrite Systems

Supagard and Diamondbrite Systems are the market leading brands, but your dealership may also have their own branded name for it. The process involves removing the top wax coat to your whole car, and applying a protective coating directly onto the bare paintwork, where it will adhere with a permanent bond.

A wax coat is then be applied over the sealant afterwards, and future washes and waxes are all performed on the exterior of this coating. It is vital to have this system applied only by experienced professionals like ColourKit, who have been carrying out this process every day, for many years on all makes and ages of cars.

Airglide Ultimate Shield™

Airglide is an innovative and outstanding surface protection system for vehicles that is so superior to any other product on the market that you will never want to polish or wax your car again.

Airglide is a semi-permanent protective coating that creates visually stunning results by improving the depth and vibrance of the colour of your vehicle, whilst also protecting the paint work. Unlike waxes or polishes, Airglide remains on your vehicle for up to 2 years – guaranteed.

Key Advantages

  • Silicon and teflon free
  • Protects against corrosion and prolongs your paint finish
  • Resists accretion of insects, bird droppings and tree resin
  • Product range for both exterior and interior treatments
  • Increases interval between cleaning times
  • Leaves your vehicle in showroom condition

Airglide Ultimate Shield

Why we are specialists

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to have this process applied by coming direct to us in Leicester. This is what sets ColourKit apart as experts in this field:

  • It is critical to remove every trace of wax, oil or pollutants prior to application, or the sealant will not make a permanent bond.
  • If any small particle or dried insect is not removed, it will be sealed in forever, causing unsightly lumps and bumps.
  • We never get ‘swirl marks’ in our application, which are impossible to remove once inflicted.
  • Buying any new or used car is a major capital investment for any family that needs to retain as much of its value as possible, and paint protection will make a huge difference to its residual value over a 2 or 3 year period, to an un-coated vehicle of the same year.
  • Paint protection is definitely a good investment, as long as it is applied by a specialist.
  • You can retain the original colour and finish of your new car, if you wash and wax it EVERY week. Add up the cost of 52 car washes a year, over five years, and then compare this cost against that of applying paint protection.
  • To get the best results from this process, make sure you have it applied before your new or used car has gone through a hot summer sun – which will begin to fade the original colour if it is not protected.

We hope that our ‘no frills’ advice and information will de-mystify the Paint Protection question for you, and enable you to make the best decision for your vehicle. If you have any questions about it, please do pop in and speak to one of our expert technicians, call us on 0116 3800 900 or email us.

Thank you to everyone at ColourKit for your speedy repair – especially Jeff for his skilled and meticulous work.

– Bridget & Tony Walshe

Mitsubish & Hyundai Approved