Trade Clients

ColourKit in Leicester are delighted to have formed long term and trusted relationships with many trade clients over the years, where we have developed our excellent customer experience into being the nominated paint studio for all their vehicle requirements. This is a premier service that we can provide to companies and dealerships who require a fast turnaround and a no waiting booking-in procedure.

Company Car Fleet Services

Many Leicester companies with a fleet of vehicles find it more cost effective to have a priority relationship with one paint repair studio for their whole fleet. Minor chips, dents and scuffs happen all the time and wheel damage is sometimes unavoidable.

Minor collisions and major bumps happen all too regularly when you have a large fleet and sourcing repairs, booking cars in and out, and waiting weeks for them to be back on the road is just not an option. When accidents happen, you need to know that your cars will be repaired and restored to their showroom looks in the fastest possible time.

Accessing our premier trade client process will ensure that any damage to your fleet is repaired quickly and effectively, your administration time is kept to a minimum, and your salesmen and technicians are kept on the road every day.

Dealership Services

Any busy car dealership will have new cars arriving on the forecourt every day, while the used car section also changes with every part exchange deal. Added to this is your leasing department, with cars returning from their end of agreement and new ones going out on the same day.

It is already a logistical nightmare, and every car is likely to need some attention to its paintwork, with bumps and scratches to be repaired, or alloys to be refurbished to sustain the book value of the vehicle. Added to this, there are customers bringing in cars for replacement parts and panels which need colour matching and repainting, as well as the Paint Protection service that you offer as part of new and used car sales.

Having all these vital services managed by one specialist paint studio means that your clients get a faster service and your staff spend less time on administration, leaving your cars to roll off the showroom forecourt on time, and with a beautiful mirror shine.

If you would like to find out about our Premier Trade Services, then do call in to our Leicester studio anytime and you can talk directly to our experts. You can also phone to make an appointment on 0116 3800 900, or email us at and we will be delighted to help.