Dent Repairs

Having a dent or minor bump on your car can seriously affect its value, and land you with a large bill at the end of a lease term when the car is returned to the dealership for resale. So having an expert who can remove them for you at an affordable cost in Leicester is a worry free way to restore both the looks and value to your vehicle. Many dents can be repaired as a same day service, completely invisibly, with no fuss or bother.

ColourKit are specialists in removing all dents and creases from vehicle panels, bumpers and alloy wheels whether it be minor dinks, or from more serious collisions. It is often cheaper and easier to repair minor bumps than to pay the excess on an insurance claim and risk your no-claims qualification.

Our sealed spray booth and low bake oven is big enough to accommodate any size of vehicle, from the smallest hatchback, to a Sherman Tank, and your car will be returned to you with a factory mirror shine looking as if it just rolled out of the car showroom.

Paintless Dent Removal Expert

Minor dents can happen in car parks from abandoned trollies, other car doors hitting your panels, or from reversing into a raised kerb or low bollard. Many of these incidents might not damage the paintwork and can be removed using Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

This is a specialised technique that massages the dent or crease using specialised tools and pulling equipment without affecting the original paintwork, so no need for any filling or painting. It is a fast and very cost effective repair that requires great patience and good eye co-ordination, and will restore your car to its original condition.

This means your vehicle will have a much higher residual value by retaining its original paintwork than one with re-painted panels. It is an eco-friendly process and the green alternative to conventional body shop repairs for a fraction of the cost.

Insurance Company Approved Specialists

ColourKit are the leading dent repair specialists in Leicester, approved by all insurance companies and the body shop of choice for businesses with fleet cars, local prestigious dealerships, and for individuals with family cars.

If you would like an expert opinion, or just some advice about any dents or creases on your vehicle, do call in and let our experts have a look for you. We may even be able to deal with it there and then for you, leaving you to relax in our coffee lounge while you wait. Call us on 0116 3800 900 or email us to make an appointment.

Bonjour ColourKit – a little note to say thank you for the excellent job you did on Ray’s Audi last week. You dealt with us in such a professional courteous way, it’s easy to see why you have a thriving business!

– Ray & Wendy Cockerton - France

Ford Focus Dent Repair Lotus Undergoing Bodywork Repairs